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I am excited to help You develop Your website. Contact me for a website development consultation and I will respond ASAP with my best offer.


Do you develop websites with Shopify?

I do! I also work with Kartra content managment systems for website projects aiming to provide online courses and APIs, such as Zapier. Let me know your website’s project goals and I will offer my best solutions.

How long will it take to build a shop?

It greatly depends on the project. Smaller e-commerce websites, without a lot of content and additional features, usually take more or less of a month to complete. I make sure to initially consult with you on the overall look of the website, graphic designs and other important elements, showing you examples and sharing the final results. These consultations also take time and are varied. This can add up to the timeframe of your website’s preparation. As such, please note that any project timeframe quoted is only an estimate, and I may not always be able to fit within it.

Do you make descriptions and other text with media for the website?

For the moment – I don’t. I only upload and work with the outline that the client has gives me. In this case, I can modify and adapt that content to the overall appearance of the website and create the necessary graphic designs such as logos, icons, etc., following the modern website structures. If additional photos or videos are needed, I can undertake that, searching among free or, if necessary, paid materials.

Is the cost of Plugins / Apps included in the price of any Plan?

Most of the WordPress plugins – yes (without any automatic updates), though not for the Shopify Apps.

While paid WordPress Plugins that may be required for your project do come with the Plans, they won’t be updated automatically. Plugins may require to be updated mostly to work with newer versions of WordPress. With my Administrative Revisions I also install available updates to those Plugins. If a customer wishes to have automatic updates, or a certain Plugin is unavailable to me, a personal license would be required which adds up to the final price of the Plan. Personal License for plugins allows up to 1 year of automatic updates.

The cost of monthly subscription Apps, that would be required for a Shopify project, will also add up to the final cost of the Plan.

Can you tell from the beginning if any paid Plugins / Apps will be needed?

I usually do. However, in midway of a WordPress / Shopify website development it has happened that a paid Plugin / App was found to be needed.

Do we have to pay the Plan's full cost upfront?

A deposit of only 50% from the Plan (including any Additional Features) is required upfront before the start of a project. Deposits are not refundable. The rest is paid after the project is finished / before uploading the website to your hosting environment.

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